1915-S 10C MS (#4869) Detail

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Ron Guth:

The 1915-S Dime is the penultimate (meaning second to the last) S-Mint Barber Dime.  Because of its smallish mintage of 960,000 coins, it has found favor with collectors.  However, it is not difficult to find examples of this date, even those that are of high quality.  Many MS62 to MS65 examples were set aside by numismatists at, or near, the time of issue; even MS66 examples rate only scarce at best.  In MS66+ and MS67, the 1915-S Dime is a true condition-rarity.  The lone PCGS-certified MS67 is, of course, from the former Simpson Collection, the way-station for most of the best Barber Dimes.


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