1905-O 10C MS (#4836) Detail

Normal O vs Micro O Comparison PCGS MS67+
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Ron Guth:

The 1905-O Dime is semi-scarce and commands a nice premium in most grades.  One of the more interesting 1905-O Die varieties has a "micro" mintmark which is substantially smaller than normal (see the attribution image above).  It is possible to cherry-pick this variety, but the chances are lessened because it has been well-publicized for years.  High-grade 1905-O Dimes are fairly plentiful in MS63 and MS64, then the populations drop off slightly in MS65 and MS66.  In MS67, the population drops substantially and none are known finer.  The strike quality of this date varies -- some examples show weakness on Liberty's mouth and on the E of ONE and the ME of DIME; others are well-struck.  


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