1902-S 10C MS (#4829) Detail

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Ron Guth:

Of the Dimes produced in 1902, the 1902-S is about midway between the 1902 and the 1902-O in terms of rarity.  This gives collectors more opportunities to find nice, high-grade examples.  For instance, the 1902-O Dime is extremely rare in MS66, but the 1902-S is not.  For collectors who want only the very best, at least one MS67 1902-S Dime exists, whereas there are none of the 1902-O.

The strike quality of the 1902-S Dime is excellent.  Luster ranges from brilliant to frosty, with an occasional prooflike example.  Die striations (polishing lines left in the dies) show up from time to time on 1902-S Dimes.  Some examples have toned very nicely and present exceptional eye appeal (see the image of the PCGS MS67+ above).

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