1902-O 10C MS (#4828) Detail

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Ron Guth:

The 1902-O Dime has a seemingly large mintage of exactly 4.5 million coins, but they were either ignored by collectors or the coins had a hard time getting from New Orleans to the collectors in the North.  As a result, high-grade examples can be pricey.  In most circulated grades, the 1902-O Dime commands only a small premium, but in AU and better grades the price jumps quickly.  Mint State examples are scarce but not rare.  The most frequently-seen Mint State grade is MS64.  Gems are very rare and anything above MS66 is nearly impossible to find. 

The best example of a 1902-O Dime (and a colorful one, to boot) is the NGC MS67 from the John Jay Pittman and Eugnene Gardner collections.  Coincidentally, that piece has the record price of $12,650 for the date.

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