1902 10C MS (#4827) Detail

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Ron Guth:

In 1902, employees at the U.S. Mint at Phladelphia minted a record number of 21,380,000.  This was the largest Dime mintage since the denomination first appeared in 1796.  The record would only last until 1907, and it was only until the Mercury Dimes that such large mintages would become commonplace.

Despite the massive output, the 1902 Dimes is not as common as one might expect.  Several dates have much larger populations, according to PCGS.  For instance, PCGS has certified nearly six times as many 1892's as the 1902.  Other dates with larger populations include: 1895-O; 1898; 1906; 1911; and several others.

In Mint State, the 1902 Dime is most available in MS62 to MS64.  MS65 and MS66 examples are slightly less available, but sufficient numbers exist to keep collectors satisfied.  Finally, in MS67, the 1902 becomes a significant condition rarity.

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