1860 H10C J-267 Tran MS (#4373) Detail

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Ron Guth:

In 1859, the Mint decided to move the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from the reverse of the coin to the obverse.  While this decision was "in the works", two types of transitional patterns were made.  One was dated 1859 and the other 1860.  Both of these transitional patterns combined a Stars obverse with the new, larger wreath reverse.  Unfortunately, neither one of these die pairings bore the name of our country because the legend had already been removed from the reverse but had not yet been added to the obverse.  For this reason, this adds to the allure of these scarce and unusual patterns.

The 1860 Judd-267 is scarce but is represented by a number of nice examples, including more than ten pieces that grade MS66 or better.  All examples seen are weakly struck to some degree, usually on the 5th, 9th and 10th stars, and on the high points of the wreath and the A and L of HALF.  On the obverse, a straight line running upwards diagonally from the left base to the rim appears to be diagnostic.

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